The Mediation Summary

Resolve staff and mediators will inform people entering into mediation that a summary of the mediation meeting(s) will be written by the mediator after each mediation meeting.

The purpose of Resolve mediation summaries are to record key facts and any actions or agreements made. If anyone present at the mediation raises a query regarding the summary, details will be shared with all participants in an addendum. 

The process and content of mediation is confidential and Resolve mediators must not discuss or disclose any information about participants, or obtained in the course of a mediation to anyone other than Resolve Manager and Officer

There are exceptions to this rule of confidentiality where there are concerns about safety and/or criminal activity. 

The summary will be sent to parties no later than 10 working days after the mediation meeting. The summary then belongs to the parties who have attended.

In some cases, information / actions from the summary may require to be shared with a person from outside the mediation session e.g. an agreement that the Education Psychologist is asked to carry out an assessment of the child/young person. This will be clarified during the mediation so all attendees are aware and agree to the details being shared.

Resolve staff or the Resolve mediators will not share summaries with anyone else without express permission and discussion with all parties who were involved in that mediation

Resolve reserve the right to refuse to share the summary without all party’s agreement.

Once the parties have received their written summary Resolve has no control over who these parties may decide to share this with, for example

  • Education staff and parents who are in the ASN tribunal system may choose to share the summary in their paper submissions or with their legal reps
  • Education staff may share the summary with other education staff named in the summary or who are involved in the child/young person’s planning, resourcing etc.
  • As the person/s attending any mediation from the local authority represent the LA and the LA are the actual ‘owner’ of the summary, the summary maybe shared with other professionals involved with Child/young person e.g., Heath therapists or social work named in a child’s plans.

 It is not possible for Resolve to know how, if or why parents and/ or education personnel may share information from the summary once the mediation process concludes however as detailed above it may be necessary to progress actions or agreements made.

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