About Resolve

Established in 2004, Resolve is currently the largest independent mediation provider to the education community in Scotland.  We have a strong reputation built on many years of experience and success helping resolve conflict in education. Our core service has an emphasis on building trust and understanding to promote and support effective relationships and good communication.

Working with a team of skilled sessional mediators, the service is managed and delivered by Mediation Manager Sandra Mitchell, a qualified mediator and Alison Payne, Resolve’s Mediation Officer. The team has a wide range of knowledge on additional support for learning legislation and the Scottish education landscape. 

Sandra Mitchell
Mediation Manager

Sandra leads the development, delivery and management of Resolve. She is committed to developing supportive relationships and good communication to ensure Resolve brings about positive change for practitioners, families and young people across Scotland. 

Alison Payne
Senior Mediation Officer

Alison manages the day-to-day service delivery and is the primary liaison and contact person for all referrals to Resolve

Our Mediators

Our mediators have many years of experience and skills working in the world of conflict management within the education sector

Pauline Linn

Elaine MacLennan

Katie Lewis

Dean Armstrong

Gordon McKinlay

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